[discount_rates_problem] [outcomes] [fund_development]

At the top, there are 3 pairs of radio buttons, namely:
a)  experience (2014 or 2018a);
b)  number of random scenarios considered (10,000 or 2,000);
c)  expected return multiple of yield.

On the right, there are 6 pairs of radio buttons on the right, in the following order:
1.  contract (annuity or endowment);
2.  benefits inflation-protected (“Y” or “N”);
3.  approach (“mark-to-market” or “off-market”);
4.  stage (“baseline” or “adjusted”);
           >  “adjusted” reflects spot-on discount rate (back-solved);
5.  statistic of interest (mean, standard deviation, highest 5.0% and lowest 5.0%);
6.  assets portfolio.